Sensors measure (temperature, redox, PH, water level/presence etc..)
Drive (relays, light, dimmer, pump, elettrovalve etc..)
Event Management (WebBased, Mail, SMS, Light Segnal, Buzzer, LCD, etc..)
Logging (Record data history, webserver presentation, graph / twitter notification etc..)
Action (Manage complex action with multiple variables)

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Some Month Later...

I found a wonderful way to store and present datas:

The site category is Internet of Things:

You can take a look of my raw data at

Another free way to use Internet of things is the following software:
Nimbits is a service you can use to record and share data on the cloud. It is a free, social and open source platform for the Internet of Things.
I try to install it on, but i'll use it in futures for some feature limitation.

Using twitter.h library i'm posting the startup count of my device each time i'll reboot storing the restart count on the arduino EEPROM.
                look the first post  @  or on the right panel..


Looking my child plaing with lego a strange idea cross my mind.. :)
The Ardu-Lego magic Tower !!!

The ArduLego Box magic Tower ;)

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